• eASIC Nextreme-3S Platform Enable Highly Efficient Co-processor Solutions With Twice the Performance per Watt Compared to FPGAs and GPUs
  • eASIC Nextreme-3 achieve up to 2x performance than FPGAs
  • Seagate uses eASIC to boot, start and and load games faster - Think Custom IC. Think eASIC.
  • A Disruptive Approach to Silicon Acceleration. See and Hear from ASOCS, eASIC, IBS, and Intel - Think Custom IC. Think eASIC.

What our customers are saying

  • Huawei

    Huawei investigated multiple options to meet the demanding performance, power and total cost of ownership targets set by the global operators, eASIC’s 28 nm Single Mask Adaptable devices enabled Huawei to meet all the operator requirements.

  • Kurt Richarz, Seagate Executive Vice President of Sales

    Seagate is delighted to have launched Momentus®XT, the industry’s first solid state hybrid drive, using the easicopy ASIC Migration product. We were able to use Nextreme NEW ASICs to accelerate time-to-market of Momentus®XT. eASIC seamlessly migrated our design to easicopy™. We see easicopy™ as a natural extension to our value engineering programs as we take products from initial ramp through to very high volumes.

    Kurt Richarz, Seagate Executive Vice President of Sales
  • John Goodacre, ARM Processor Division

    We were able to develop our eASIC device in a reduced time and cost of a standard cell ASIC and with development costs that were even lower than an FPGA approach and the eASIC device worked right first time on our PBX-A9 validation and development board. We see the 90nm eASIC Nextreme  technology as a very cost effective way of validating and demonstrating new products to our customer base and getting them to market much earlier.

    John Goodacre, ARM Processor Division
  • Mr. Atsushi Noro, Deputy General Manager, Mobile Wireless Solutions Division. NEC

    Our customers, the global operators, are constantly needing a reduction in their total cost of ownership, an increased performance envelope and a fast time to deployment of their microwave backhaul solutions. ASIC devices are exactly the technology to enable us to meet these operator requirements. As microwave units are getting smaller, NEC is able to reduce total cost of ownership for the operators through the significant power advantages of the eASIC devices.

    Mr. Atsushi Noro, Deputy General Manager, Mobile Wireless Solutions Division. NEC
  • eASIC has enabled us to very quickly develop a low-cost video processing ASIC for our product designed for the Chinese portable consumer device market. We just could not have achieved this with any low-cost FPGA, period.

    Mike Aronson, Rumble Development
  • Akira Itoh, Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Ltd

    Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Ltd is pleased to see that eASIC is delivering a 45nm product. This New ASIC is able to deliver the right combination of performance, power and price combined with low up-front cost. We find the power reduction especially important as we look to add more functionality to our world-class ICT infrastructure products.

    Akira Itoh, Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Ltd
  • Kevin Chiang, AVTECH

    In addition to the substantial system cost saving, we were pleasantly surprised at how quick we received working devices and how much lower the power consumption was compared to the low density FPGA we were using. eASIC’s zero-mask charge, fast turnaround ASICs helped us to make quick changes to keep up with the latest requirements from our customers and also rapidly ramp into high volume production.

    Kevin Chiang, AVTECH
  • Using eASIC Nextreme devices together with our SiP technologies, we were able to significantly speed up the product development cycle, achieving our target performance and moreover, saving the NRE cost. These benefits allowed us to get to market with a functioning board, on schedule and on budget.

    Masato Tsuru, FLEETS
  • Douglas (Doug-Myoung) Lee, NexusChips

    With eASIC’s Nextreme, we were able to achieve 2X higher performance at 1/5th the power of our Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA. This was crucial for securing our design win for our graphics acceleration system

    Douglas (Doug-Myoung) Lee, NexusChips
  • Mr. Shigenori Shibue, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Kyoto Works

    We are excited to have a path to developing ASIC solutions quickly that are low in up-front development cost, quick to develop and gets us to market in rapid time to fully exploit our market opportunities. “We see eASIC’s Nextreme as a platform that we can use to create new high performance product derivatives quickly to respond to changing market needs, yet still be very competitive in volume production”.

    Mr. Shigenori Shibue, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Kyoto Works
  • Kevin Rowett, vice president of Engineering, Violin Memory Inc.

    We looked at a number of ASIC platform choices for implementing our custom FLASH controllers. We opted to collaborate with eASIC for reducing cost and power consumption because their Nextreme-2T NEW ASICs enabled us to quickly migrate from FPGAs, and inexpensively ramp our solutions to high volume production.

    Kevin Rowett, vice president of Engineering, Violin Memory Inc.
  • Pierre Boulanger, FLIR Systems, CVS Division

    We successfully ported an existing production FPGA design to eASIC’s Nextreme, validating the power savings, tools suite effectiveness, cost, scheduling and support. All were validated with flying colors, making us eager to proceed to the next phase.

    Pierre Boulanger, FLIR Systems, CVS Division
  • Sunny Ng, Aurora Systems

    eASIC’s Nextreme devices offered us the only solution to meet the stringent cost, performance and power requirements for our consumer digital video products. We were extremely impressed with the fast turnaround time and low up front cost. I am not surprised that eASIC has rapidly reached this impressive milestone. We are privileged to be the recipient of the 100th Design Win award.

    Sunny Ng, Aurora Systems
  • Mr. Dai Vu, Director of Virtualization Solutions Marketing, Microsoft Corp.

    By working with eASIC’s Nextreme NEW ASIC, we were able to develop a reference design for RemoteFX hardware solutions that is low in power consumption as well as low in up-front development cost. “We see eASIC’s Nextreme as a platform well suited for our efforts to quickly validate new technologies, but also as a catalyst in enabling our RemoteFX partner ecosystem to ramp up their solutions to market readiness.

    Mr. Dai Vu, Director of Virtualization Solutions Marketing, Microsoft Corp.

eASIC Platform

eASIC provides the ability to innovate and create differentiated products based on customized silicon devices. eASIC's unique Platform devices dramatically reduce overall cost, time-to-production and power consumption while increasing performance. eASIC offers a comprehensive product portfolio to meet the most demanding needs whether it be performance, cost, power or time-to-market.

Meet the Family

  • eASIC Nextreme-2 is manufactured on a 45 nm process and offers up to 5.9 millions equivalent logic gates, 16.8 Mb of bRAM at 500 MHz and 32 high-speed transceivers at 6.5 Gbps.

  • eASIC Nextreme-3 is built on a 28 nm process and offers superior performance for the most demanding applications with up to 18 millions equivalent logic gates, 56 Mb of bRAM at 800 MHz and 52 high-speed transceivers at 12.5 Gbps.

  • easicopy provides a seamless and low risk migration path from eASIC Nextreme-2 or eASIC Nextreme-3 to a lower unit cost cell based ASIC.

  • Power Advantage

    eASIC Nextreme devices operate in many of the existing and future wireless carrier networks that you use every day with your smart phone. Delivering up to 80% lower power consumption than equivalent SRAM FPGAs, eASIC Nextreme-3 hidden contribution to the global energy savings is significant.

  • Time Advantage

    We know that time equals money, with eASIC you can deliver products up to 6 months earlier than a traditional ASIC.

  • High Performance

    eASIC Nextreme-3 28nm devices understand your need for bandwidth overcoming the traditional FPGA limitations. No matter if your application is advanced wireless infrastructure, consumer handheld devices or storage, eASIC Nextreme-3 devices deliver all of the processing power you need to crunch data faster.

  • Low Manufacturing Cost

    eASIC devices only require one unique mask for customization. This equates in to significantly lower development and manufacturing cost. The savings versus traditional ASICs can be in the multiple millions of dollars.
  • Low Unit Cost

    eASIC devices only use the silicon area that you really need for your design, not more. Our customers have saved in excess of $100’s million versus expensive FPGAs.
  • Fast Turnaround

    We well know that customers may change their mind adding the new feature last minute. eASIC’s fast turnaround time enables you to plan for multiple chip revision at a fraction of the cost and time of an ASIC, meeting or exceeding your customers’ needs.


May 4, 2016

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Santa Clara, CA – May 4, 2016 – eASIC® Corporation (@easic), a fabless semiconductor company that delivers a custom integrated circuit (IC) platform (eASIC Platform) today announced it has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation, an open development community based on the POWER microprocessor architecture. eASIC joins a growing roster of technology organizations working collaboratively to build […]