eASIC nextreme

eASIC Nextreme

eASIC Nextreme

The eASIC Nextreme™ family at 90 nm drastically reduces development cost, and turn-around times compared to standard cell ASICs, while significantly reducing power consumption and unit cost for designs that start off as FPGAs. eASIC Nextreme devices use a patented breakthrough concept combining configurable Look-up Table (LUT) cells with customized single-via interconnect. The interconnect is customized quickly and inexpensively with an alternative lithography approach called Direct-Write eBeam. Direct-Write eBeam flexibility enables different patterns to be easily printed directly onto the same wafer. The resulting rapid turnaround time, make eASIC Nextreme ASICs an ideal solution both for prototyping and low-volume production. When a customer design goes to high volume, a single via mask can be created for customization.

Key Features

  • Up to 5 millions equivalent gates
  • Up to 80% power consumption reduction vs. equivalent FPGAs
  • Up to 300 MHz bRAM performance
  • User configurable I/Os with 800 Mbps LVDS and 533 Mbps DDR performance
  • Low up-front charges

Devices Overview

Equivalent Gates (Millions)0.350.751.52.545
Distributed RAMeRAM Blocks110421639266410801400
eRAM Bits416K864K1568K2656K4320K5600K
Block RAMbRAM Blocks13274983135174
bRAM bits416K864K1568K2656K4320K5600K
Packages (User I/O)
TQ128 (14x14)68
BT208 (15x15)144
BT233 (10x10)146146
BT324 (19x19)232232
BG480 (23x23)298298298
FC480 (23x23)323298
BG672 (27x27)451
FC672 (27x27)438448
BG896 (31x31)506
FC896 (31x31)570617617
FC1152 (35x35)730790