• eASIC is now part of Intel PSG

With the tremendous growth in connected devices, 5G technology is poised to facilitate massive increase in bandwidth. eASIC's wireless solutions are enabling next generation CRAN, MIMO, AAS, Small cells, Backhaul and Fronthaul solutions.

Think 5G, Think eASIC

Hardware acceleration in cloud infrastructure provides an effective way to optimize power related opex. eASIC’s blend of high performance, logic, DSP and up to 1.4 Tb/s of serial connectivity bandwidth provides up to 100X improvement in Operations/Watt.

Think Cloud / Storage, Think eASIC

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are becoming an integral part of today’s modern systems. As the architectures for CNN and DNN require regular structures and parallel processing, eASIC's platform provides the optimal balance of flexibility and performance/watt. eASIC is the next logical step in increasing the performance/watt beyond the use of GPU and FPGA.

Think Machine Learning, Think eASIC

Machines are increasingly equipped with vision sensors and along with it the ability to analyze and execute real time decisions using deep learning algorithms. eASIC’s low power platform enables rapid design and customization of low latency, vision driven systems.

Think Vision, Think eASIC

Machine to Machine connectivity along with computing at the edge spurs the accelerated deployment of digital factories, predictive maintenance and connected cities. eASIC’s platform flexibility and re-use enables easy customization to meet the highly specific requirements in the nascent, fragmented but fast growing Industrial Internet of Things market.

Think IIoT, Think eASIC

eASIC Advantage

Optimize your custom eASIC solution for power, performance and fast time-to-deployment. Obtain ASIC level performance whether your application is logic, DSP or IO dominated. Achieve up to 80% lower power consumption than equivalent FPGA implementations. Save months of development time and multiple millions of dollars versus traditional ASICs with eASIC’s unique single mask layer customization.

Meet the Family

  • eASIC Nextreme-2 is manufactured on a 45 nm process and offers up to 5.9 millions equivalent logic gates, 16.8 Mb of bRAM at 500 MHz and 32 high-speed transceivers at 6.5 Gbps.
  • eASIC Nextreme-3 28 nm 18 million equivalent logic gates 56 Mb of bRAM 52 high-speed transceivers 12.5 Gbps

    eASIC Nextreme-3 is built on a 28 nm process and provides up to 18 million equivalent logic gates, 56 Mb of bRAM and
    52 high-speed transceivers
    at 12.5 Gbps.
  • eASIC Nextreme-3S 52 million equivalent ASIC gates 124 Mb of true dual port memory 28 Gbps and 16.3 Gbps high speed transceivers

    eASIC Nextreme-3S provides up to 52 million equivalent ASIC gates with 124 Mb of true dual port memory with
    28 Gbps and 16.3 Gbps
    high speed transceivers.

  • easicopy provides a seamless and low risk migration path from eASIC Nextreme-2,
    eASIC Nextreme-3
    or eASIC Nextreme-3S to a lower unit cost cell based ASIC.

  • Power Advantage

    eASIC Nextreme devices provide up to 80% lower power consumption than equivalent SRAM FPGAs.

  • Time Advantage

    We know that time equals money, with eASIC you can deliver products up to 6 months earlier than a traditional ASIC.

  • High Performance

    eASIC Nextreme devices can meet the most demanding performance applications whether they are logic, DSP, data plane or control plane applications.

  • Low Manufacturing Cost

    eASIC devices only require one unique mask for customization. This equates in to significantly lower development and manufacturing cost. The savings versus traditional ASICs can be in the multiple millions of dollars.
  • Low Unit Cost

    eASIC devices only use the silicon area that you really need for your design, not more. Our customers have saved in excess of $100’s million versus expensive FPGAs.
  • Fast Turnaround

    We well know that customers may change their mind adding the new feature last minute. eASIC’s fast turnaround time enables you to plan for multiple chip revision at a fraction of the cost and time of an ASIC, meeting or exceeding your customers’ needs.


Sep 6, 2017

eASIC Engages Si-Edge to Provide Additional Advanced Design Center Support in China for eASIC’s Custom IC Platform »

eASIC reacts to increased demand in China for its configurable custom IC’s in applications such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, data center acceleration, data center storage and next generation communications. Santa Clara, CA – September 6, 2017 – eASIC® Corporation (@easic), a fabless semiconductor company that delivers custom integrated circuit platform solutions (eASIC Platform), today […]