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eASIC Surpasses 3 Million Chips Shipped and is set to Double This in 2012

February 27, 2012

Santa Clara, CA – February 27, 2012 – eASIC Corporation, a provider of NEW ASIC devices, today announced that it has shipped in excess of three million chips and achieving this shipment milestone firmly solidifies eASIC’s position as a high volume supplier of custom integrated circuits. eASIC expects to be at more than double that number of shipments by the end of 2012.

“eASIC’s disruptive NEW ASIC devices are enabling OEMs and ASSP companies to get to market up to six months earlier than with traditional cell-based technology,” commented Jasbinder Bhoot, eASIC VP Marketing. “When our customers look at the overwhelmingly positive revenue impact of getting products into the market six months sooner, it’s a logical choice to choose eASIC NEW ASIC devices rather than use cell-based ASIC technology. With eASIC, designers benefit from a much simpler, much lower cost and significantly lower risk design flow than that of cell-based ASIC. Many typical ASIC tasks such as DFT insertion, clock tree synthesis and IR drop do not need to be performed. Placement and routing tools are also developed by eASIC. In addition, OEMs benefit from a much simpler manufacturing flow that only requires one single via mask for customizing the entire chip,” added Bhoot.

“As a fabless semiconductor company, eASIC has spent considerable effort in streamlining our supply chain and ISO certified processes in order to meet the stringent requirements of our broad Tier 1 OEM and ASSP customer-base,” said Ronnie Vasishta, eASIC President and CEO. “We are shipping devices into carrier grade wireless infrastructure applications, medical electronics, smart grid infrastructure and into consumer markets too. Some of these applications were traditionally served by FPGAs, while others by cell-based ASICs. What is crystal clear is that we are taking share away from both. FPGAs are hitting a power and performance wall in the new process nodes so a tipping point moving away from FPGA to a low cost ASIC solution is developing, while traditional cell-based ASICs just take too long to design and manufacture,” added Vasishta.

To learn more about eASIC products, visit www.easic.com.

About eASIC

eASIC is a fabless semiconductor company offering breakthrough NEW ASIC devices aimed at dramatically reducing the overall cost and time-to-production of customized semiconductor devices. Low-cost, high-performance and fast-turn ASIC and System-on-Chip designs are enabled through patented technology utilizing Via-layer customizable routing. This innovative fabric allows eASIC to offer a new generation of ASICs with significantly lower up-front costs than traditional ASICs.

Privately held eASIC Corporation is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Investors include Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers (KPCB), Crescendo Ventures, Advanced Equities Incorporated and Evergreen Partners. For more information on eASIC please visit www.easic.com.

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