eASIC nextreme

Products Overview

The eASIC Nextreme is a family of Platforms, manufactured on 28 nm, 45 nm and 90 nm CMOS processes, and built using eASIC’s patented single-via customization technology.
The eASIC Nextreme family provides ASIC-like performance, power and low unit-cost combined with FPGA-like design flow, low NRE charges and rapid delivery of devices.

eASIC Nextreme Family Overview

 eASIC Nextreme-3SeASIC Nextreme-3eASIC Nextreme-2eASIC Nextreme
Technology Process28 nm28 nm45 nm90 nm
Logic Density (Equivalent gates)52 Million18 Million7.4 Million5 Million
Maximum Memory Density124 Mb56 Mb16.8 Mb5.6 Mb
Maximum bRAM Performance1 GHz800 MHz500 MHz300 MHz
Maximum Transceivers Performance28 Gbps12.5 Gbps6.5 GbpsN/A
Maximum I/O PerformanceLVDS1.6 Gbps1.6 Gbps1.25 Gbps800 Mbps
DDR3200 Mbps2133 Mbps1066 Mbps533 Mbps
easicopy ASIC migrationYesYesYesYes

eASIC Nextreme Family Benefits

  • Optimize FPGA Programs

    • Up to 80% lower power consumption
    • Superior fabric performance
    • Significantly lower device cost
    • Fabric logic not susceptible to single-event upset
  • De-risking ASIC / ASSP Programs

    • Low upfront charges (NRE)
    • Short design & manufacturing cycle
    • ASSP feature differentiation
    • Lower risk approach