eASIC nextreme

eASIC Nextreme-3

eASIC Nextreme-3

eASIC Nextreme-3™ is eASIC’s fourth generation eASIC Platform manufactured on a 28 nm CMOS process. The eASIC Nextreme-3 family provides ASIC-like performance, power and low unit-cost combined with FPGA-like design flow and rapid delivery of prototype devices. eASIC Nextreme-3 Platforms come with an enhanced architecture that offers twice the performance and half of the power consumption of eASIC Nextreme-2™ (eASIC’s 45 nm Platforms).

Key Features

    • TSMC 28nm HP process with core operating voltage of 0.85 V
    • Up to 80% lower power than FPGAs
    • Up to twice the performance of 28 nm FPGAs
    • Instant on – No SRAM cells for configuration avoiding SEU CRAM
    • Up to 1.3M eCELLS (18M equivalent ASIC gates)
    • Up to 56 Mbits of embedded memory blocks (bRAMS) with Built-In-Self Repair
    • 800 MHz fine grained 9K bits memory blocks
    • Embedded one bit fast adders for high-speed arithmetic and DSP functions
    • Multi-gigabit I/O with speeds up to 12.5 Gbps
    • New enhanced clocking structure with 36 global clock trees
    • GreenPowerVia disables power to unused logic
    • Support for 3.3 V, 2.5 V, 1.8 V, 1.5 V, 1.35 V and 1.2 V IO standards
    • eFUSE for traceability and storing special keys
    • Temperature sensing diode
    • FPGA like design tools and flow

Devices Overview

Equivalent gates (Millions) 3.958.713
Full Adders391,680503,424903,1681,292,544
bRAM Kbits11,79615,04827,86940,108
bRAM blocks1,2801,6723,0244,352
Packages (MGIO-T/ User IO) *
FC672 (27mm)8/316
FC780 (29mm)14/336
FC896 (31mm)18/336

* custom packages are also an option