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easicopy Cell-based ASIC Migration Path

easicopy Cell-based ASIC Migration Path

easicopy™ ASIC provides OEMs with a seamless path from a eASIC’s Nextreme-3, Nextreme-2 or Nextreme devices to a cell-based easicopy ASIC, thereby enabling OEMs to further reduce device cost and power consumption, or increase performance.

The eASIC Continuum

With eASIC as a partner, OEMs have multiple solutions for cost reduction that can provide the optimum choice for their product evolution. During market exploration or early volume ramp, greater market uncertainty may exist that may make it difficult to justify a cell-based ASIC NRE. eASIC’s low up-front NRE eASIC Nextreme-3, Nextreme-2 or Nextreme ASIC devices enable OEMs to minimize risk while bringing profitable products to market early, and secure early customer design wins. When initial customer successes transition to very high volume production, easicopy ASICs provide OEMs the choice to further reduce cost, power consumption and increase performance via a cell-based ASIC migration.


Partnering with eASIC ensures that OEMs have low risk cost reduction solutions from pre-production through to very high volume production. easicopy ASIC provides OEMs with a low risk, vital addition to their existing value engineering programs. OEMs have peace of mind that as their product succeeds in the market they have a solid path to cost reduction, and hence higher gross profit margins.

FPGA Agnostic Flow

Through partnering with eASIC, OEMs have the flexibility of an FPGA agnostic cost reduction path. FPGAs from Vendor-A or Vendor-X can be chosen based on their technical merits such as features, performance, power consumption or design tools. Once the FPGA design is stable, the OEM works with eASIC to cost (or power) reduce their design to a single via-programmable eASIC Nextreme-3, Nextreme-2 or Nextreme ASIC device. eASIC engineers have successfully performed many FPGA conversions to eASIC Nextreme-3, Nextreme-2 or Nextreme devices which are now in production in applications ranging from consumer devices to carrier class wireless infrastructure equipment.

The easicopy Migration Path

You may start your eASIC design from any Nextreme-3, Nextreme-2 or Nextreme ASIC and then migrate to a cell-based easicopy ASIC. The packages available are the one specified for each eASIC Nextreme family device. If required, eASIC engineers can also create drop-in replacement packages for your easicopy ASIC and save you from having to re-spin and re-qual your PCB. If you would like to get a budgetary quote on an easicopy migration, please contact your eASIC representative or request a quote in the Next Steps section above.